The Boats



1976 Chrysler 22

                    This is our boat as I first saw it on Ebay. I spent several months looking at many different boats bidding on a few until finally purchasing this one. It was in good shape for a 31 year old boat but some work needs to be done to make it what I would consider to be fully sea worthy. The work starts with the swing keel and I will be chronicling this work in the following pages.

The Keel

The Rudder

The Hull

First Sail

Trailer upgrade

Mast stepping



Mast Gate


Misc 2

Cockpit Rail

Shroud Transport


Engine Mods


1962 Alcort Sunfish

                          Before I even finished the first parts of the Chrysler renovation I decided I needed something smaller and easier to teach the family how to sail on that could be easily transported and setup for sailing on small lakes, rivers and the beach if an all day trip on the water was not possible. I also saw this as an opportunity to practice some of the fiberglass and painting skills I would eventually need to finish the Chrysler.

In the beginning

Digging in

Finishing touches

First Sail