Well this is how it looked after getting it out of the boat and on the floor, let the chipping begin. After about 3 hours of rattling my brains out with an air chipping hammer and grinder I have all the major rust removed.


The paint I am going to use POR15 does not require the perfection of sand blasting so I am ready to begin paint prep. I first washed it down with water to get all the loose dust off and then used the POR15 marine clean to get all remaining oils and contaminates removed. I then used there metal ready to prep the surface for the paint.



This is washed off with water after about 15 minutes and leaves a grey film covering much of the surface. After it has dried completely the first coat of POR15 goes on. It will take another coat and then it will be ready for a filler material to reshape the keel.

The painting part of this beast is done now to get it back where it belongs.