This is my new bridle for raising the mast. I have used a piece of PVC to keep the bridle vertical to minimize the sway of the mast during raising and lowering. I have also marked the rail attachment points so I don't have to hassle with figuring out which holes to use. In the close up you can see how I have shape the bottom of the PVC to allow it movement as the angle changes. A small shackle provides a point to hook the lines. I'll have also made up a separate  jin pole for raising because using the boom was a pain. I'll be getting some pictures of it and a step by step mast step soon. The chain is larger than needed and so are the attachment shackles, they were just what I had laying around. I have also found that these 12" long bungee cords with the balls are perfect for tying up those cables and keeping them secure during the trip to and from the launch.

    Well here it is rigged up and ready to go up. The X support quickly breaks down into 3 pieces that will fit in the 6. bed of my truck. The bottom half of the legs slide up onto the top section.













     Here it is a few feet up, as you can see I have attached two bungee cords to take the slight slack left in the chain because I still am a bit short on the rail bridle part of the rig. I was raising this by myself and could stop to take pictures with no swaying of the mast.


Up she goes and I have even gotten all the cables and lines in the right place.