I thought long and hard on how I could get my mast in position to step without using some sort of temp shore to hold it.


What I came up with is a rear cockpit rail that is needed anyways and putting a roller in the middle so the mast can slide easily back and forth from the  storage to step positions.

I used standard rail fittings and a 8 ft piece of 7/8 stainless pipe. I carefully bent it to shape being sure to put the roller and T fittings on prior to the final bends which they would not be able to get past. The roller had to be modified as well to allow the 7/8 pipe to pass through. I took the factory plastic fittings and used a piece of PVC pipe with half of a coupling on each end to make the hole the right size. I filled the space in-between the pvc pipe and the hole through the roller with epoxy.

As you can see one person can easily move the mast with no need for any additional support.









After putting the mast in the step a bungee cord prevent it from sliding out while everything is hooked up.