One of the tabs at the of my boom broke off long agao so I decided it was time to reork this so my outhaul would work better and make a dedicated place to attach my topping lift



       My new mast support and anchor storage bracket






      My new bow roller and navigation lights








       I used pvc here to extend my outboard gear to shifter where I could reach it without hanging out of the back of the boat





        My new transom scuppers and the hardware cloth I used to keep the critters on their side of the boat




      And finally my new spreader covers to help both protect the sails from the ends of the spreaders and to help keep the shrouds in place during erection. I used 3/4" thin wall pvc and a cap














        Some knetting to keep the supplies in the bunk and off the deck


       New tank frame in rear compartment










     I reworked my outhaul and boom end here