I have added some new misc work to the boat starting with a solar powered fan in the forward hatch.


I have painted the top of the boat with interlux interdeck and resealed all the fittings to the deck. I also got some stainless  cleats in a Home Depot marine hardware clearance and replaced those as well. I moved the forward cleats to the side location because two up front in the middle seemed cluttered and did not fit to the deck real well. I replaced the plexiglass in the windows as well but found the old rubber gasket did not seal well anymore so I cut the outside lip off and caulked the outside. I pulled the rubber gasket out so when I cut it it retracted back inside the edge of the frame.


The lower flange on my hatch that kept the hatch from lifting up was all but gone so I repaired it. Though it is hard to see in this picture I rebuilt it and then made new wood rails as they were shot as well. I made the lip by removing the old lip flush to the hatch and putting it on the concrete floor. I marked the floor with a majik marker and then added two more lines 3/4" outside those as a guide for how wide the new flang will be. I placed wax paper on the floor over these marks and placed the hatch back on the first marks and weighted it down. I then put a 2" strip if fiberglass on and epoxied it in place to create a new flange. The next day I put it on sawhorses upside down and put another piece 2" wide lapping it on the inside of the hatch. After a couple more coats of epoxy resin I remarked the new flange on the hatch and cut it off with a side grinder  and sanded the whole thing nice and pretty and painted the hatch. I added felt to the bottom of the rails to make it slide easily and reduce wear on both the hatch and the deck. This created a problem that ended up improving the original design. The felt was 1/8 inch thick and the flange was now to thick to fit under the rail. Instead of making another new rail I added SS spacers under the rail to lift it up as you can see in the picture. This has the added advantage of allowing water to now flow easily out from this area and not get trapped inside the rail.


Last but not least I reinstalled my ladder but had to raise it up and decided I would have to reinforce this part of the upper hull to spread out the load. I shaped a piece of red oak to fit the curvature of the hull and through bolted it with 4-1/4 SS bolts and fender washers on the inside. They were hard to reach but we managed to get them all on and tightened up.