The Byers Newsletter

         December 1, 2010  



News and Notes:

  • Jake’s divorce has been finalized, he is on the market again……
  • Thanksgiving dinner was at our house this year with 11 people attending including Cindy’s Parents, all the children and their wives and Jakes girlfriend along with Grandma Byers here is a picture of everyone at the table.
  • Cindy got a IPhone
  • The property has been harvested for pulp wood, let the clean up begin
  • The guest bathroom was finally finished just in time for Thanksgiving guest arrival, view some pictures here
  • The playroom was finished as well some pictures here.
  • Dec 3 will be George and Alberta’s 50th Anniversary


  • Jenn:                               February 2nd
  • Grandpa McGlothlin:   March 18th
  • Gram Byers:                  April 8th
  • Sam:                               April 3rd
  • Jake:                              April 17th
  • Cindy:                            April 22nd
  • Brittany:                        June 12th
  • Jason:                             August 8th
  • Grandma McGlothlin: October 10th
  • James:                            November 3rd



  • Jason & Jenn:                                      July 9th
  • Brittany & Sam:                                  August 1st
  • James & Cindy:                                   October 7th
  • Grandpa & Grandma McGlothlin:   December 3rd